Yonic Power Generators



  • Natural Gemstone Yonic Power Generator
  • Choose from: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, and Chakra Stones.
  • Size: 3 5/8 in long and 1 in tall

Once you’ve begun understanding the exceptional changes you can make in your life when you begin working with your personal energy, opening your spirit, and unlocking your chakras, you can begin to recognize and find sources of positive energy. We curate a special collection of beautiful, decorative yet potent power generators to enhance and expand your Yoni Egg Journey.

You can wear them to project more energetic positivity wherever you go, or you can place them in your home or your personal spaces at work—even in your car. Have you ever walked into a room and felt a rush of good feeling, like coming home or hearing great news? These generators, in combination with your Yoni Egg path, help you find that energy and keep it with you wherever you go.

And they’re also beautiful, to delight the eye, and pleasing to the touch, so as to enhance the sensory experience of being in their presence. 

In addition to our four stone-focused generators, we also have an enhancer with seven Chakra arms, to help you open your chakras and keep the energy flowing through them unimpeded.

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      At Yoni Egg Journey we offer wide variety of accessories for your Yoni Egg.

      Yoni Egg Stands are excellent for wiping your egg safe in position. Specially during sun or full moon charging.

      Essential Energy Cleansing Kit will help you to keep your Egg and Wand energetically cleansed.

      Stringing Kit is great for drilled Yoni Eggs. We offer 100% organic unbleached cotton twine along with hole cleaners.

      Yoni Egg Bags will keep your egg, or multiple eggs safely discreet.

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