Carnelian Yoni Egg "Manifestation"


All Yoni and Jade Eggs are all natural Stones. 

Each egg purchase:

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  • includes a two keepsake/weight lifting pouches
  • includes a yoni egg instruction guide
  • Sage cleansed and Reiki-charged with good vibes
  • Free gift when you buy 2 or more eggs

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For beginners we recommend to start with Medium Drilled, or Large Drilled if you gave birth.

Creative Motivator Courage

 ~~~ Elements: Fire and Earth  ~~~ Tarot Suit: Wands  ~~~ Chakra: Base Sacral   ~~~ 

Call it what you will, everyone is full of life force. Ever notice how some people just seem more engaged than others?

The Carnelian Yoni Egg is a motivator, replenishing drive, restoring your entire energetic system to a plentiful, overflowing bounty of propulsion.  Sensualy, it opens you to new adventures, and motivates you to experiment, and to seek out what you really want, without fear. 

You are a well of untapped creativity. Let’s bring it out with the fiery, yet grounding, clarity of the Carnelian Yoni Egg. You’ll be glad for the sharp concentration that you’ll gain from practice with this Yoni Egg, especially as its bonfire of sensual release and pleasure adds to your vital force and potential.

The Carnelian Yoni Egg Stone is a powerful motivator, as well as a solution for the more material world; carnelian is long known for its abilities to assist you in business and entrepreneurial dealings, attracting fortune on a spiritual level.

This is a great early addition to your Yoni Stone Toolkit, particularly because it actually cleanses your other stones.

Master: 30mm x 20mm
Small: 40mm x 25mm
Medium: 45mm x 30mm
Large: 50mm x 35mm

Please note that each of our Yoni Eggs is carved from pure raw crystal. They are buffed and polished to maximal smoothness. In all Yoni Eggs, across all brands, due to the nature of crystals and the necessary process of forming them into the requisite egg shapes, it is normal and natural for there to be natural variety: differences in colors within a crystal, minor surface imperfections. This is part of the natural power of the Yoni Egg and part of what makes yours individual.  As long as there are no jagged edges or sharp fractures (we perform our own inspection, but please do your own, as well, as you get to know your Yoni Egg) – then your Egg is safe for use.