Yoni Egg Journey FAQs

The Yoni Egg—sometimes called a “Jade Egg” or “Love Egg” is a tool for the sacred spiritual practice that emerged from ancient Asia, which was originally available only to royalty.  Yoni Eggs are semiprecious stones that are carved and polished into an egg shape. They are worn inside the vaggina for many benefits to health of body, mind, and spirit. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted literally as ‘source, womb, or female genitals’, and more figuratively as ‘sacred place’.

There are a great many benefits of using Yoni Eggs. First of all, it is strengthening and reawakening for the Yoni.  It also increases sacred energy. The use of Yoni Eggs promotes self-understanding, connection and mindfulness. Each Stone (amethyst, jade, rose quartz, etc.) has its own unique energy and brings many positive effects when inside the Yoni.

In general, for beginners and those new to the practice, we would suggest a drilled medium size egg; the drilled nature allows you to attach our drawstring for easy removal (see below), and the size should be a good fit. For women have given vaginal birth, we recommend you start with drilled large egg. The smaller-sized eggs are more for advance practice.  You will work your way to that size on your journey!

The reason for different Yoni Egg sizes are for the level of awareness of your pelvic muscles. The more connected you get the smaller size you can use.

Undrilled Yoni Eggs are whole stones, without holes.  A drilled Yoni Egg has a carefully-crafted, specially drilled hole at the tip of the egg.  You can then tie a string too it, which will help to extract the egg from Yoni. It also permits you to do exercises with it, up to and including vaginal lifting.

Start slow. Relax. String your Yoni Egg, if you can or choose to. Don’t rush the insertion of the egg, give yourself plenty of time to be ready and willing to accept the Yoni Egg. Be comfortable.  Do not force Yoni Egg insertion. Premature insertion might reduce some of the benefits of practice.

There are many ways you can make your practice easier and get more out of it.  Feel free to check out the free resources on our site.

Every woman is unique, and it is best to “feel” this out for yourself. Again, always give yourself permission to relax, and start slowly. In the beginning, it is not advisable to keep the egg in for longer than one (1) hour. In general, 10-15 minutes of practice a day would be sufficient to begin seeing benefits. As you continue your journey, more of the muscles of your yoni get stronger, and this permits the Yoni egg to remain in longer.  At advanced places in the journey, some women wear the egg for a much longer time as much as 2 to 4 hours.  Some leave it overnight and even sleep with it!


We would personally say that the Yoni needs a break and relaxing time, so after about one hour, take it out and give your Yoni a rest. Let yourself experience it and use that to help determine your optimal time.

There are a wide variety of helpful meditative and spiritual practices associated with your Yoni Egg.  We blog about these things regularly, as part of our mission to bring greater happiness through the power of the Yoni Egg.

No, your Yoni Egg cannot be lost inside the vaggina. If your Egg is drilled, you can tie the string and easily pull it out when you are done. For non-drilled eggs, you only need to relax and “push” it out; you will also find you can easily remove it with your fingers.

A good set of Yoni Eggs should contain both drilled and undrilled, to give you more options.

The Yoni Egg is a sacred item that should be handled with care. It should be kept in a special place when not in use. It can be conveniently stored in the pouch bag, if you’d like. After regular use, simply rinse it with water and clean the drilled hole, then pat it dry and store it.  And don’t forget to cleanse it regularly with sage and purification to get maximum benefit!

Before your first use, or when the Yoni Egg needs extra cleaning, you should cleanse it both physically and energetically.


Physical cleaning: boil up some purified or distilled water and pour it in a bowl to let it cool off a little. Then place your Yoni Egg in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. You can add couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil if you’d like. After that, rinse the Egg off and leave it to dry. Some women also use light natural soap to wash it, or an equally light solution of vinegar. In all cases, always rinse your egg well after the wash.


Energetic cleansing: There are several ways to cleanse and purify the energy of your Yoni Egg.

One way is to place it in water as you normally would, but project intentionality into the water. You can do this by visualizing the water and imagining it as a cleansing, healing liquid, perhaps picturing it as having the perfect clarity of a diamond. This will allow you to return the Yoni Egg to its original pure vibrations.

Second method: Another way is to cleanse your Yoni Egg is with the smoke of the sage. Hold your Yoni Egg over the smoke, and impress your intention of cleaning the Stone, returning it to its natural, original state of pure vibrations.

Your Yoni Egg is an incredibly flexible tool! 


  You can charge your Yoni Egg with intention, desires, and wishes.


  You can home the Egg inside you and practice Yoga movements and meditation.


  You can do breathing exercises to enhance your experience.


  Sleep with it.


  Dance with it.


  Hoolahoop with it


  Wear it as you walk, do dishes, cook, or watch movies


  Have fun with it!

In general, for beginners and those new to the practice, we would suggest a drilled medium size egg; the drilled nature allows you to attach our drawstring for easy removal (see below), and the size should be a good fit. For women have given vaginal birth, we recommend you start with drilled large egg. The smaller-sized eggs are more for advance practice.  You will work your way to that size on your journey!

The reason for different Yoni Egg sizes are for the level of awareness of your pelvic muscles. The more connected you get the smaller size you can use.

Yes! Just choose a small size.

Every woman is unique, and so is each woman’s experience with the Yoni Egg. In some cases women, women who practice two or three times a week could move to a smaller size in about two months.  But it could take longer, perhaps as much as six months.  It’s best to feel it for yourself. You will know when you are ready.

Inserting your Yoni Egg is more like a secret ritual.

If possible, try to set aside a special place and time just for this.  (You can read our blog article about this, if you’d like.)

Take your Egg in to your hands and mentally give it intent. Think to yourself: What would you like it to help you with or assist you with?  Focus on that.  You can lie down or sit in a comfortable, relaxed position. Placing it on the belly first will warm your Yoni Egg up and would help your Yoni to further connect with Egg. Then you can place the Yoni Egg at the vagginal entrance and gently massage it in. Let your Yoni take it gently in. Always insert the egg by placing the larger end of it first inside vagina.

Tip: As mentioned earlier, massage your breast first to make your Yoni more receptive.

In order to take the Yoni Egg out, you should be relaxed. Then use the vagina muscles to push it out. You can lie down or be in a sitting/squatting as if on the toilet, then push it out. If it’s not coming out, assist the egg with your fingers, by placing them inside the vaggina and directing it. It will then come out. If it’s your first times, be patient with yourself and your Yoni. You’re just starting this wonderful journey, and soon you will be a pro!

Yes, it is normal. Your Yoni just needs some time to get the muscles stronger and for you to get more awareness and sensitivity. Practicing often with Yoni Eggs will improve your connection to your Yoni. If after a month you do not feel your Yoni Egg, get a larger sized one. 

There are times when your Yoni Egg falls in the toilet.  Solution: Don’t worry!  Get it out of there, check for cracks, clean it up under the running water. You can also use light solution of natural soap or light solution of vinegar. Then rinse it well under water. 

Exercising with Yoni Egg will help you to get a better connection to your Yoni. This in turn will increase awareness of your intimate energy and allow you to experience greater physical and spiritual heights. Exercises like Breathing with Yoni Egg, Yoga, or erotic dance, will greatly benefit your Yoni Egg Journey.

If you are pregnant, consult with your midwife or medical practitioner. If you have an IUD, consult with your medical practitioner. If you have an internal infection (such as a vaginal infection), do not use the egg. If you have open sores or blisters present, do not use the egg. If you have vaginal, bladder, or rectal prolapse, do not use the egg. If you are menstruating, you may use the egg, but we recommend against it, to allow the cleansing to occur unobstructed. If you have a preexisting health condition that we didn’t cover, especially if it affects your Yoni or pelvic floor, please consult with your medical practitioner.

It all depends on the crack. If the crack or cracks are internal, like in clear or rose quartz, it is normal. If the crack feels smooth, with no sharp surface, it’s okay as well, as long as you cannot scratch your Yoni. On the other hand, if the Yoni Egg got damaged and the crack is sharp to touch, or a piece is chipped off, then do not use the Egg in your Yoni. You still can use it externally for healing purposes.

(If you got your Yoni Egg from us, don’t be afraid to send us a picture to get our opinion!)

The exercise of pelvic floor and pelvic floor muscles with polished stone eggs dates back over five thousand years. Originally, this powerful practice was exclusively reserved for members of the Imperial Court and of the royal family. They believed that health, beauty and longevity could be achieved by a strong and healthy Yoni. According to the ancient Taoist tradition, a strong vaginal and pelvic floor intensifies the energy of the life force. It was believed and still believed that when a woman does v. weight lifting, this energy is lifted and intensified on the inside, which amplifies her chi energy to the exterior, where it’s transformed into higher spiritual energy.

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