Here is what can you do:

Your Yoni Egg is an incredibly flexible tool!

What can you really do with a Yoni Egg?

Almost anything, and we’ll talk about that later.  But here’s some stuff you should definitely know:

 •    You can use your Love Egg to charge and recharge your sensual batteries.  Going through a slump?  Having trouble finding the levels of intimacy you desire?  This is one of the most traditional uses for the Yoni Eggs, as they were prescribed by the wisest physicians for the Chinese Imperial family thousands of years ago.  It’s particularly great for picking you up after a difficult relationship, or a stressful time.

 •    Speaking of, Yoni Eggs relieve stress. The practice of housing a Yoni Egg (placing it within you) is meditative in and of itself, and it works well in combination with other meditative practices.  That’s really useful, especially if you have a difficult work and/or family situation, or simply a demanding life.

 •    They help you clear your body and mind spiritually and emotionally.  You can make more connection with your spiritual (higher) self and be more in tune with the psychic, mystical, and divine aspects of your life.

 •    Since true Yoni Eggs are made from precious and semiprecious stones (and that’s why you don’t want to get a knock-off, or a poorly-carved stone) – and crafted carefully and specifically into smooth perfection, they have the many characteristics of gems and crystals.  (In fact, every different kind of Yoni Egg has its own attributes, and all of them are beneficial.)

 •    They’re great for Kegel and pelvic-flooring exercises; in fact (while you should always speak with your trusted medical care for your own optimal body needs) – Yoni Eggs have been known, for centuries, to improve and assist with your pelvic floor.

 •    Yoni Eggs make you feel sensually, emotionally, physically, and mentally fantastic.

And there are so many other ways that Yoni Eggs can be used!  Stop by our site regularly for more information and ideas!

Here are just a few things you can do:

   You can charge your Yoni Egg with intention, desires, and wishes. In this manner, it becomes a psychic tool for altering your real life challenges and achieving your goals.

   You can home the Egg inside you and practice Yoga movements and meditation
Not only is this physically pleasurable and strengthening to the muscles, it also gets you better in touch with your inner woman.

   You can do breathing exercises to enhance your experience. (And we can show you a wide variety of exercises to use - just follow our blog

   Strengthen your muscles faster by doing Pelvic floor exercises with the Egg.

   Sleeping with the Yoni Egg can trigger memorable vivid dreams

   Dancing with it will fire up your inner energy 

   Have a date with a Yoni Egg or Eggs   :-)

   Claim your feminine power with it.

The Yoni Egg is an invaluable tool and part of your life.  Integrate it with your everyday!  Wear it as you walk, do dishes, cook, or watch movies.

Have fun with it!

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