Yoni Egg Practice Breathing Exercise

This practice can help you increase your energy and free up blocked energy from the lower body, your lower three centers. This exercise will take only 10 minutes of your time, but it will help you to experience the boost for a whole day, and it will help you to feel emotionally elevated. You are going to practice moving your energy up your spine to the top of your head, which will help to increase stronger energy field around your whole body.

This practice is excellent for any one who often feels stressed out, overwhelmed, stuck and low energy. When we feel like we live in a survival mode, or under pressure, we draw the energy from our body and diminish our electromagnetic field. In addition when the energy is stuck or blocked in our lower three centers, than the less current is running through the body. By breathing with the Yoni Egg and squeezing your lower muscles, you are helping your body to release the stagnant  energy and allow it to flow freely throughout. It helps to accelerate the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid toward the brain, which increases the current flow, and as a result the body becomes like a magnet and an electromagnetic torus field is getting increased. As a result the creative energy that was stock in lower body will be released in to the brain.

Here is the simple steps to do the Yoni Egg Energy Increase Breathing:

1. Insert your Yoni Egg (or you can do it with out Yoni Egg) and get in a comfortable sitting position. Make sure your back is straight and you can feel relaxed.

2. For your first breath slowly inhale through your nose. Filling your body with air starting from your lower body (the base of your Yoni) all the way up to the top of your head. Feel your energy ascending to the top of your head.

3. Exhale slowly and relax your body. Feel the energy is returning to the lower body (back to the Yoni Egg, your Yoni).   

Repeat this for 3 breaths. Do your best to feel the movement of your energy with each breath from your Yoni to the top of your head and then back down. Feel the loop of energy getting created with each inhale and exhale.

Now you are ready to accelerate your energy.

4. Start slowly inhale through your nose and at the same time start tensing/squeezing the muscles of your pelvic floor (Yoni). Then the muscles of your lower abdomen, and then those of your upper abdomen, keep squeezing all while following your breath up your spine and through your chest, your throat, and your brain, and all the way to the top of your head.

5. When you finish a full inhale,  hold your breath for 10 seconds, while tensing the muscles of your lower body. Keep focusing on the top of your head. Remember, where you place your attention is where you place your energy, so if you put your attention at the top of your head, that would become your target for moving energy. The key is to make the energy to flow up your spine to the top of your head. 

6. Exhale and relax your body.

7. Repeat step 4 through 6  at least eight times, but no more than fifteen.

8. After you finished with repeating steps 4 through 6, relax completely. Breathe normally. Give yourself couple of minutes to feel your body, your mind and your energy.

9. Your Breathing practice is complete. 

As you do this powerful Yoni Egg Breathing Practice, you are drawing the energy that’s been stagnate in those lower three centers - the energy you  use for o r g a s m  and to make baby, to digest food, to run from predator - you’re going to draw it up your spine like you would draw fluid up the straw, and release it into your brain.

Remember, that this is not a passive breathing - it’s an extremely active, passionate process. Moving this stored energy, that was stored for years, takes an act of intention and will. You are taking self limiting emotions and turning them into elevated emotions. Be inspired to become more energy than matter, using your body and Yoni Egg as an instrument of consciousness to ascend your energy. You are liberating your energy!
For your knowledge, the tube of energy or light that runs through your spinal column is called the prank tube (“life force” in Sanskrit) . The more energy moving along the spine, the stronger the field of prank tube, and the greater the expression of life. Yogis have known about this tube - which is not physical structure but an energetic one - for a thousands of years.

Enjoy your practice and we would love to hear back from you with your experience.

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