You and Your Yoni Egg

People hear about Yoni Eggs in many different ways. Sometimes, it’s from an article or a piece on Youtube. Sometimes people find that stars, celebrities, and people they admire are using them. Some come from spiritual paths, looking for new forms of abundance, some are concerned about their health. Many people find out about Yoni Eggs when seeking ways of improving their s e x lives, their romantic worlds, their orgasmic and sensual potential and joy. Much of the time, people hear about Yoni or Jade Eggs, see how much they have done for so many people, and decide to try them out. Often, an egg will come with some instructions or a few suggestions. But we’d like to talk about something really important, really helpful, and seldom engaged in detail: Yoni Eggs aren’t a destination, they’re a fun, joyous, exuberant, uplifting journey.

There’s more. Yoni Eggs aren’t just one journey; they’re countless journeys, and each one is like a vacation, a breath of sweet fresh air, an indulgence, an improvement in your life and your happiness. Because Yoni Eggs draw together the possibilities and potential of an incredibly rich and fulfilling universe of ecstatic positive growth.

Modern life is incredibly full of stress, anxiety, and the wrong kinds of stimulation. If you’re going to enter a journey of life-expansion and health, it’s important that you have tools which spring from a variety of sources, because the world confronts us with so many challenging situations.

It’s very possible that the modern world is more complicated than any other time in human history. It’s helpful to have modern techniques to deal with it. But it’s also incredibly helpful to rediscover important parts of our human heritage, ancient knowledge whose powers are largely untapped today.

Now, the basic and core Yoni Egg practice--housing the Yoni Egg within your Yoni for a period of time--are quite simple, and universal. The carefully, artisanally-carved stones (and remember: always get good-quality Yoni Eggs, not mass-produced ones. You cannot afford to have any scratches or rough edges in your Yoni!) will resonate with your body and spirit, as well as having direct physical effects of pleasure, fulfillment, and the practical, value of strengthening your pelvic flooring. If you make a little time for your Yoni Egg, the positive effects will stay with you throughout the day, and grow and increase with time. But this journey can also be uplifted and augmented by many different paths.


Your Breath And Your Yoni Egg

Breath can suffuse you, is the very beat and essence of life. ATP is converted into ADP in a physical process which we know as having a soothing, calming, relaxing effect.

Have you ever noticed how you breathe when you feel relaxed? The next time you're relaxed, take a moment to notice the sensation of your body. Or think about how you breathe when you wake up for the first time in the morning or just before going to sleep. And yes, consider your breath while you are in a moment of physical ecstasy. You can enhance almost any activity simply with the physical effects of breathe, and that is before you get into how breathing affects your chi and the flow of energy in your body.

Breathing exercises can help you relax, as they allow your body to feel like when you are already relaxed. It’s incredible how much more they can do once you begin using them in combination with your Yoni Egg Journey!

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress in the body. Indeed, when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body. Things that happen when you're stressed, such as increasing heart rate, fast breathing and high blood pressure, all decrease when you take a deep breath to relax.

There are many breath-based paths. We’ll be exploring them significantly over time. There are a wide number of spiritual and physical practice, from Zen meditation to Yoga to the martial arts, and they all take advantage of both internal energy, and the chemically-proven effects of intentional changes in our breath. Over time, you can develop everything from the physical techniques of taking longer, deeper breaths, to Buddha breathing and dragon breathing.

And all of these things can begin with a simple step. Try adding this to your day--perhaps right after you first break bread every day. Once a day, take a long slow, healing breath. Hold it in. Now let it out. Beautiful.

You will find that something as “small” as this single daily breath centers you, improves your spine and mind, helps your calm and focus. And you can begin experimenting with its use during your Yoni Egg practice; another step on your Journey.

Take this simple, free wisdom, use it in any aspect of your life, and benefit! It’s all part of being engaged in a multifaceted exploration, and it is our gift of imparting knowledge.

(All that we ask is that you, in turn, impart knowledge to others when the time comes.)

As you might already know--or otherwise, can soon learn!--there are many, many breathing techniques, from very basic to quite advanced. And each one is a piece of our path.


Your Intimacy And Your Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs are sometimes considered to be merely erotic in nature - as if they were “toys”. But Yoni Eggs are much more than just e r o t i c benefactors; they’re sacred sensual tools, capable of helping you imbue your life and relationships with deeper and more powerful meaning.

When you engage in Yoni Egg Practice, you are entering a place of mindfulness. And that’s no small thing. Whole books are written on how to find the ability to let go of your day to day and be in the present, how to give your focus directly to your relationship when you choose and not be distracted when you want to focus.

The Yoni Egg is a physical manifestation of the desire for intimacy, and that desire itself is the first step towards depending that goal. As you engage in your Yoni Egg practice, you will find that its regular, meditative, blissful feeling likewise depends your own ability to look into your heart, to have both strength and compassion, and to project outwards--be heard--and open inwards--listen well.

There are many Yoni Eggs whose precious stone qualities, resonating with your own body, have been famed for millennia for their ability to help you concentrate, think, focus, and grow. And you can pick which eggs to choose--and you will find that they help almost every other facet of how you approach love and relationships.


Your Confidence And Strength, And Your Yoni Egg

Biologically, we make a lot of decisions about the people around us in the first thirty seconds of seeing them. Some people feel this means that look like someone in a magazine to be seen and appreciated. But that’s not true. Our brains take in so much data from the way a person walks, stands, acts, the things which aren’t a part of “conventional attractiveness”, but rather, the strength of your internal core, your inner beauty: your confidence and strength.

Yoni Eggs are thought of in terms of their personal satisfaction and pleasure, but they do much more. First, before one begins to look at anything else, it’s quite important to remember that orgasm itself really is good for stress relief (it’s not an urban myth!). Our society often suggests that those who always  o r g a s m  easily or quickly are somehow “better” lovers. That’s not true at all, and while Yoni Eggs can help improve both of those areas, being able to engage in a sacred practice which does not require climax in order to provide spiritual and physical satisfaction can be a tremendous relief!

It’s always important to keep in mind the large variety of Yoni Eggs and the many properties of the precious crystals of which they’re formed. But all of them help you get in touch with your inner fire. Have you ever seen someone who almost seems to radiate self-confidence, power, and happiness? That is part of what can happen when you engage in a Yoni Egg journey.

This part of the journey can be accompanied by all manner of outside assistance. While there are many times when your Yoni Egg should be experienced in a separate meditative space, there are many times when you could use it while doing even everyday tasks. Imagine peace and happiness radiating straight from your Yoni, all up and down your body, with a wave of focus and heightened ability to take in data and knowledge. Now match that with the book you’ve always wanted to read, whether it’s a self-help piece or the Book of Five Rings. Or even an inspirational TED talk! The Yoni Egg helps make you more receptive to positive messages and understanding.

We recommend experimenting--if you’re new, get used to your Yoni Practice first!--and then begin experimenting. As Pete Townshend said, “There are a million paths.” Don’t be afraid you’ll pick something “wrong”. If it works for YOU, then it’s a right way!


You Sacred Energy And Your Yoni Egg

It’s possible to spend your whole life studying sacred practice. That’s not a bad thing! Because it’s not something where you have to understand or practice “everything”--just opening the door carves the way towards entirely new fields of happiness and enlightenment.

Opening your Chakras, releasing your chi, understanding the divinity of the intimate parts of your body--each of these is one of many parts of a banquet, and it’s all yours to enjoy!

Our society doesn’t prioritize sacred s e x --in fact, it denigrates s e x u a l i t y in general, particularly female one. But your Inner Goddess is there--whether you see it as a divine and spiritual force, or a powerful metaphor for unlocking parts of your mind and capabilities hitherto unknown.

There are all manner of ways to investigate this sacred practice--through chakra work, auras, divine worship, or just the simple acknowledgement of the spiritual and extraordinary as part of something as essential and human as s e x u a l interaction. And every part of that path can include your Yoni Egg. Your Yoni Egg practice heightens, opens, and redevelops your knowledge, your meditations, even your interpersonal e r o t I c and sensual interactions. As you grow in knowledge, experience, and happiness, your Yoni Egg practice grows with you.

These are just some of the pieces on the amazing and incredibly path which is your Yoni Egg Journey! We look forward to helping you explore and to being a part of it! There are so many Yoni Eggs, and so many possibilities. Welcome to a road of mind-expansion, life improvement, and bliss!




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