Yoni Reflexology

A general definition of Reflexology is that it is the application of appropriate pressure on specific points and areas of the feet, hands, ears, or chakra points. Reflexologists believe that these various and assorted reflex points correspond to different organs and systems of the body and that their pressure creates all manner of physical benefits for the health of the person.

Erotic acupressure specifically stimulates pheromones and endorphins. Both centuries of nonwestern medicine, as well as the most recent of scientific advances, tell us these hormones not only have healing properties that can be literally hundreds of times more effective than any medicine or herb, but that they can also cause a healthy person to enjoy intense revitalization and energized life force.

This is a perfect compliment to the power of the Yoni Egg and Yoni Wand!

Yoni Reflexology Areas

In the yoni, the main organs of the body are reflected / projected. Thus, in point G (approximately 1 inch from the entrance to the vagina) we will find the kidney area. A little higher, in the middle of the vagina, is the region of the liver. Then comes the reflex region of the spleen and pancreas. The thin skin surrounding the cervix corresponds to the lungs. But the most important reflex point in a woman is the cervix. This point corresponds to the heart.

The gentle massage of these areas not only helps for the health of the organs, but especially to release and eliminate negative emotions and emotional wounds.

According to Eastern philosophy, each organ contains positive and negative emotions.

Yoni's massage is a great help to emotional openness, especially as many women have accumulated over time and have had painful experiences.

Spirit - Body - Spirit

In the world of mind / body / mind health, we know that particular negative emotions affect certain organs, making them sick. Positive emotions, on the other hand, can make them healthy.

When positive feelings are aroused by s e x in particular, the healing energy flows in all your meridians exactly where it is needed, which can generate profound results.

Many people confuse reflexology with massage, Reiki or acupuncture, but there are essential differences between these therapies. Massage therapists handle larger areas of soft tissue in the body while reflexologists apply pressure to specific points. Unlike massage or reflexology, Reiki does not involve physical manipulation or pressure, but uses a light touch to work with the subtle vibratory field that surrounds the body. Finally, while acupuncture and acupressure, like reflexology, use reflex points on the body to influence other parts of the body, the points are not the same and acupuncture uses points all over the body .

Although these practices are totally different, one thing is common to all is that they are sometimes used to help manage the symptoms associated with stress.


Black Obsidian G-spot Yoni Wand

 This wand is designed for G-spot massaging as well as Yoni reflexology. With the curved ends it hits the “spots”. It also can be used to release tension in your Yoni.



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