Natural Lube

Vaginal dryness: It happens. It happens to everyone.  One way to strengthen yourself and improve your response is through use of your precious Yoni Egg.

Yoni Eggs are useful here in several different capacities. For one thing, the physical presence of a perfectly-carved piece of jade or other semiprecious stone is, in and of itself, a positive stimulant. It can help increase production of moisture and liquid simply through the process of insertion and retention.  

But of course, the Yoni Egg can do much more; just as thousands of people have used Yoni Eggs for tremendously increased sensual response, so too can you use them for increase in both healthy wetness and increase in pleasurable sensation..

To give a second important way your Yoni Egg can help you with distressing vaginal dryness, the soothing act of entering your Yoni Egg meditative practice can inspire and develop moisture in and of itself. If you set aside space away from the deep stresses of everyday life, make yourself calm and focused, and house your egg as per suggestions, you will likely notice a marked increase in your physical response.

And, of course, the Yoni Egg’s own energy is a vibrating, pulsating force which has been used for purposes such as this one for literal millennia. While each Yoni Egg type has its own special and particular properties, all of them increase the structure and function of your sacred energy.

Each Yoni Egg is a resonant object, attuning you with your body, mind, and spirit, and attuning all of yourself with the Universe. As your ascend spiritually, your bodily ills and challenges can be assisted and repaired by cosmic unity. You might want to seek out an egg and exercise which might be causing part of your concerns. Is it a possible pelvic shelving issue? Use our strengthening exercises. Is it potentially stress and difficulty? Try one of our soothing exercises.

And in general, never forget that continued Yoni Egg practice has positivity for all of your yoni. So use whichever Yoni Egg you like, and don’t forget to set aside a place and time of calm, mentally and (if possible) physically removed from your everyday stresses. Let yourself concentrate on flowing like a river of sweet water, of being liquid yourself, able to adopt to any space or container, easily pouring out, overflowing with wet abundance.

And remember to always take a moment afterwards to center yourself, and to cleanse your Yoni Egg!

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