Making Ecstatic Connections With Your Yoni Egg

"There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive. 

This ecstasy, this forgetfulness of living, comes to the artist, caught up and out of himself in a sheet of flame."

― Jack London, "The Call of the Wild"


Whether or not you have previously engaged in this type of practice there are some commonalities throughout Yoni Egg practice. For one thing, if you house anything positive within your Yoni, you will tend to feel all the manifold stimulations of whatever that thing might be, regardless of its nature. That is part of why we have the word “fulfilling” – from “fullness”, especially as refers to that most powerful of places in your physical body.


But what you place inside yourself matters—whether it’s food, or what enters your heart, or what enters your Yoni.


So one thing we do not always consider is how much we can do to augment that experience. This discussion focuses on the physical, both because the physical side should never be ignored, and because it is a key to the spiritual and mental.


The study of Yoni Eggs often discusses the idea that you should begin your Yonic practice in a space you have set aside in both body and mind. Making time purely for yourself specifically to concentrate on your needs is a core opening step to opening yourself. Giving yourself permission, perhaps even affirming out loud that this is a time which belongs to you, is highly important. Likewise, recognizing that this space is yours to use for joy and self-improvement is critical. The luxury of focusing on you is actually a necessity. It’s beautifully relaxing, and above all, it is not “selfish”. Quite the opposite.  Even though our society would sometimes have you believe that focusing on you means ignoring others, it’s not the case. Taking time for yourself replenishes you and rejuvenate you, which helps you make better contact with the rest of the world. 


To expand, we need to push back against the societal expectation that “me time” takes away from others. Its benefits actually extend to everyone. When you’re helping yourself become more able to interact with others, when you let your batteries recharge, you build better human connections. And central to that is connecting with your Yoni Egg.


Take some moments before you house the Yoni Egg. If you. Do some kind of meditative practice if you’d like. Make yourself comfortable and find a relaxed position. From there, become very aware of the positivity of your body.


Permit yourself to relax. Let yourself Breathe. Slowly. But not unnaturally. Take big deep breaths. Let your shoulders and neck consciously relax. Smooth out tensions and let everything drop away except for this beautiful moment. Be here, in the now. Be the action, not the actor; that is, call on the ancient Zen technique of not worrying about your consciousness, your “I”, but rather living wholly in the now.


Don’t worry about—in fact, don’t even consider whether you are doing something right or wrong. Nor waste your precious energy being concerned what other people would think. Rather, do the simple and powerful things that are in front of you, without even thinking about anything. If your mind needs an anchor, consider being at peace. If it’s hard to find that thought, try concentrating on a quote or an image that you find reassuring and pleasing.


Focus for a moment on the unique Yoni Egg in front of you. Place it inside the sacred fire of your Yoni. Let yourself feel, really feel the air around you. And feel the temperature of the room. Let it feel as though the ambient air is precisely perfect for your needs and wants. And let yourself. Be. Attuned. To. Everything. Pleasant. Let your ears take in only the sounds which help you get away from your everyday.


Don’t about outside distractions. If some other noise interferes with your space, remind yourself that it is not important right now. What is important is you. Give yourself permission to really feel your skin, and how sensuous it is, how full of potential for touch. Be aware of how every nerve ending for pleasure permeates every part of your body. And focus on how you can feel really good. Simply by making your own space, and remembering times or moments when your body felt simply wonderful. And begin.

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