How To Start A Yoni Egg Practice

As we approach the Yoni Egg Journey, we embark on a life-altering expedition to a better, happier, more sensual world. This is a space of health and cleansing, the spiritually, physically, and emotionally powerful world of the Yoni Egg.  

In considering how to insert to Yoni Egg for absolute maximum benefit, what you will want to do is not only have the physical experience, but also the full mental and emotional improvements. 

Creating special time and space.

Start by giving yourself a special time in your day, one that is devoted to you. Make it a place inside of which you allow yourself time away from your phone, and away from the cares of the day. You deserve a special time when you can let go of your work and your responsibilities and problems, when you can release those things altogether.  

 Yoni Egg Practice Start

When you’ve chosen a time, you can begin to do something you truly deserve, and create the environment that is best suited to you. Make sure that you are in a room with a temperature that most matches your personal comfort. Use lighting to the best possible effect. Some people like this to happen in bright sunlit rooms and some people prefer to engage in this part of the journey by candlelight. Don’t worry--you don't have to pick just one. This is your journey and it belongs to you alone. You can try any variations you want, experiment and see what is best for you. Do it in any way you’d like, but you owe it to yourself to make that time and create that space. 

Try to make sure that the sonic ambience matches your mood. Whether that is through the use of noise canceling headphones or music that you like or even white noise, that is up to you. (We will talk another time about the benefits of binaural sounds).

Connect with your Egg.

Hold the egg in your hands or place it on your belly button, to warm it up and to create the connection. Put the intent into your Yoni Egg, silently or out loud. You can say: “I am asking to help myself create deeper connection with my Yoni, to help me explore myself and my creative sensual energy.”

There’s a great deal of variety. Your egg might be pre-drilled with small holes; in this fashion, you can insert a retaining string to create easier removal. 

Here is a common way for egg 

How to string Yoni Egg


Be sure to cater to your physical needs. If you need to use the bathroom first, do. Be sure to hydrate. Don’t forget to turn off your phone or put it in silent mode! Let yourself take some big, healing breaths, and let the oxygen fill your body and free your mind.

Insert your Yoni Egg.

Let yourself relax. From a position you are most comfortable, on a bed or mat or futon, position the widest portion of the egg towards your yoni.  At a comfortable speed, insert the Yoni Egg.  It should go in with a natural motion and a comfortable sensation, perhaps even a pleasurable sensation.  If it does, embrace that; if you experience discomfort, try a different position, and use more lubrication.

Remember, each and every body is different and each and every stone is different for each individual. You have the freedom of choosing exactly how you want to do this. Likewise, once the stones are inside, spend your time with them as you choose. There are a variety of paths.


Ways to practice.

If you choose, you could use a guided meditation (and we look forward to sharing some of our meditations with you!) You could engage in pleasant activity by yourself or with a partner. Some people simply use this time to go about parts of their daily routines (once you’re comfortable with your Love Eggs and have learned to retain the stone while in an upright position; be aware that otherwise, the sensations might distract you away from your tasks, or your tasks might distract you away from your sensations.)

During and throughout the process of insertion and the homing of your Yoni Eggs, you should feel absolutely free to experience whatever level of erogenous simulation is right for you. Some women find the experience of having the stones within to be elating. Some women do not experience that kind of feeling and instead find forms of calm or bliss or peace or simply positive sensation. Many women find mixtures of all of those. There is no wrong way for you to feel and experience your sensuality!

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Don't forget to give yourself some downtime. 

Make sure that the removal process happens at a pace which is to your comfort and your happiness. You need not feel rushed and you need not feel like it must be any slower than your own natural tempo. This is your body, your rhythm, your inner and outer connectivity. Do it however is best for you. 

Throughout the process of insertion, internal possession, and removal, give yourself permission to feel all of yourself opening up freely, like a flower greeting the morning.

Let that be as physical and as spiritual a transformation as you wish. If your focus is on the physical sensations, then remove concerns and inhibitions, and let yourself make any movements or any sounds that your body finds positive as responses. If you are considering the spiritual aspects, let the whole process be one of unlocking, of loosening, of breaking free of the challenges of everyday life and entering your Yoni Egg Journey happy place.

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