Have a date with your Yoni and Jade Egg

Taking time to know your Yoni is essential to develop an awesome connection and learn about yourself from the inside. I can't emphasize enough the importance of having time dedicated just to yourself. The first thing is to make a date with you. Check your calendar and choose the day and time that will be convenient for you!

Make a time where you will be undisturbed by anyone or anything. You can start with short 30 minute date, but I strongly recommend that you give yourself at least 45 minutes or more. Now that you have an official date, we can talk about what you can do and what you would need. Get a hand-held mirror so you can see your Yoni date. Jade Egg or Yoni Egg so you can connect easier to your Yoni. Also some natural oil like coconut or grapeseed, to give yourself a gentle body and breast massage. Fresh flowers, candles and incense to create perfect atmosphere are optional, but can be great to create more intimate space for your date.

Now it's time to have a date:

You are comfortable and completely focused on you, your energy and your Yoni, nothing else matters for next hour or so. Position yourself comfortably on a soft surface, get your mirror out and place it between your legs. Say “Hello” to your Yoni out loud or silently. Ask how she feels, what you can do to make her feel better, pay her a compliment. Say how beautiful she is. 

See her as a gentle flower, as a miracle of the universe. Stroke her gently, touch her lips, pay attention to sensations that you get and your inner feelings. Establish a communication channel with your Yoni. Next, to get a deeper inner connection, use the Yoni Egg or Jade Egg!



Hold the egg in your hands or place it on your belly button, to warm it up and to create the connection. Mentally put intent into the Yoni Crystal. You can say: “I am asking to help myself create deeper connection with my Yoni, to help me explore myself and my creative sentural energy.” Now very gently, insert your Jade Egg. Take your time, feel when your Yoni is ready. It might take 10 minutes to do it, its okay! Remember you are on the date and you do not want to be pushy. 

You want to make sure you are not forcing it and that your Yoni opens for it. As the egg slips into your Yoni, pay attention to how she feels. Do not do anything else. Solely focus on your feelings and inner energy of the Yoni. Do not do any exercise with her right now, the date has just started. Treat your Yoni  like she is someone very special and you give her your undivided attention. If your mind starts to wander in thoughts, gently refocus your attention on your date. Treat the thoughts like clouds in the sky that come and go. Focus on how your Yoni feels and check her out in the mirror.

Ask yourself: Is she relaxed, or tense? Does she radiate high, exciting vibrations, or low ones? No matter how she feels, do not judge, just be with her. Try to go deeper into the feeling, by focusing on the center of this energy. Be in the present moment, relaxed, no judgment, silent in your mind. It's just you and your Yoni energy. Stay here as long as you like. Its a relaxing self-discovering date, so you can keep it on that level, or go explore a little deeper, by giving yourself a more sensual body or breast massage. By touching yourself again in this vulnerable space, you can find out what feelings you get from different body parts. It's all about you. You are establishing a connection with yourself, with your Yoni. 



Another thing to do on your date is to put your imagination to work. Try to imagine something sexy for a few minutes. Notice how your Yoni vibrations change. She might get more excited, lighter, brighter, fiery. Then take a deep breath and relax. Imagine that this energy is spreadings through your whole body and puts you in a cocoon of light. Enjoy it. When you ready to finish with your date, relax and take out your Jade or Yoni Egg. Thank the Egg crystal for the help. Thank your Yoni for this beautiful date and say that you Love her.




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