Housing Your Yoni Stone Within You

“You always were, You always are, and always will be
You are everywhere, in everything and beyond
In the firmament above and in the deep
On all the seven planes and farther on
And in all that's hidden to our eyes and always see.”

-Pete Townshend


It is from the places of deepest relaxation that you should begin to house the Yoni stone. Remember - take your time! Once it is inside you, placed in a relaxed and natural manner, permit yourself to be aware of the Sacred Energy Connection which is physically stimulating you and mentally exciting you. Whether or not you immediately feel some kind of spiritual connection, do not worry. Let it come with time. And let yourself have permission to feel great without inhibition or concern. It’s truly okay to simply Let. Your body. Respond--with passion. Let yourself engage in that most natural and yet most extraordinary of acts: that of being penetrated by a connection between the human world and the divine, creating clarity in your life. 


The truth is that there are so many possibilities and so many opportunities for bliss that this could not have happened by some sort of coincidence or chance. We are beings made to experience. the things of this world. Some of those things are harsh. Or difficult. But some of those things are likewise very clearly Aspects of the joyous divine within us all. We have the opportunity to commit ourselves to do and become something more than what we are. Something true to us. But special in unexplored ways. That is part of Yoni Power.  



Romantic connection is one of the most beautiful things that can happen between two or more people. And it is certainly transformational; but not everyone can be in a place of true love at all times. And we certainly do not require another person in order to be real in our sensual selves. There are many benefits of romantic love. But it will be our focus to think about how you can work with yourselfwith or without a partner, so that you can undergo the alchemy of unfolding change. Because if you do it with yourself, then you are more than ready to bring it to another. 


The fact is, it is not only romance, or love, or even the specific connection of another human being which permits us true ecstasy. You can be with partners, or you can be alone by choice. You can be divorced or coming out of a difficult relationship or simply between loves at the moment and you can still bring out the hidden fire within yourself. 


Yoni egg practice is a key to that fire. It gives you a beautiful physical object made out of one of the stones, the semi-precious stones which have been known for their healing and empowering qualities for millennia. You have the opportunity the choice. And you have the right to use this ancient art, combined with modern knowledge, to build. a better and happier self when you begin the practice of Yoni Egg homing.


Like the Tarot card 8 of Swords, when you undergo the Yoni Egg Journey, you open wide the doors of both spiritual and personal possibility and potential. You make yourself a more radiant and more glowing being; you connect deeply, not simply with a human being who might or might not be there, but with the entire cosmos. In other words, with the surrounding Universe, which is always there and always touches a part of who and what we are and what we seek to be. 


You should know some of these affirmations; try them. They are positive affirmations and sometimes those are simplistic because, were we to say them out loud to other people, they might not be very conversational. That’s because they’re not for others. They’re for you:


  • Remember you are enough
  • Things which have stopped or hurt you in the past do not need to stop you in your future
  • You deserve to be sexy.
  • You can conquer fear and loss and replace them with abundance
  • You are a complete being, at peace with the world, and allow yourself to do what makes you happy. 

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