Benefits of Yoni Eggs

A Yoni Egg is more just the most powerful tool of sacred energy for women. A Yoni Egg is also an expression of personal empowerment. It combines the ancient medicinal wisdom and knowledge of Chinese Royalty and Non-Western medicine with the very modern understanding that women deserves --as well as better health for their pelvic shelves and core!

It is difficult to understate just how useful the Yoni Egg (sometimes called a “Jade Egg”) is. We can begin with the purely physical:

 Let's face it: high vibrational energy is fantastic, and increasing your sensual potential, helping you feel more positive about sensuality and life. Whether you practice with yourself or with a partner, your libidinous power is deeply undervalued by our society. And yet you absolutely deserve satisfaction! And one of the most simple thing about a Yoni Egg is that it is one of the most perfect tool anywhere. 

Again, we’re not at all saying that you should not use every possible tool to experience all the pleasure that you deserve. We are saying that if you have not tried a genuine high-quality Yoni Egg you have been missing, out and you deserve more. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have every possible personal pleasure empowerment!

In addition, there is also the absolutely vital idea of pelvic health. And this has been part of the medicinal value of the Yoni Egg for millennia. After all, your pelvic floor is sensitive! Not everyone's pelvic floor is in an optimal configuration for sensual pleasure (or childbirth, or even basic health.) Just like any part of the body, it could be misaligned, or it could gain negative alignment through use, or inactivity, or simply over time.

We recognize that things as simple as our backs can misaligned and cause us pain and sometimes even longterm serious injury. How much more so do we need to protect our walls and our precious Yoni! And while we can speak at great length of the many spiritual abilities available to the Yoni Egg, the it might simply be said that the Yoni Egg puts you in touch with higher levels of consciousness and helps you gain the kinds of wisdom and psychic strength that you desire. Whether you are actively seeking an astral journey, or merely want a precious stone with well-known properties of healing and enhancement (confidence, energy, happiness) - Yoni Eggs are perhaps the most powerful source of spiritual awakening. And simultaneously, they provide you all of the benefits of both physical health and sensual augmentation got questions. 

Want to know more? We love talking about your precious Yoni Eggs! Contact us today and we will be glad to talk to you.

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