Making Ecstatic Connections With Your Yoni Egg

01 November, 2019

Focus for a moment on the unique Yoni Egg in front of you. Place it inside the sacred fire of your Yoni. Let yourself feel, really feel the air around you. And feel the temperature of the room. Let it feel as though the ambient air...

How to Increase Your Self-LOVE

13 September, 2019

Most of us are so busy with life and we tend to forget about ourself. We often put everyone else first, and than we have no time or energy to show ourself some LOVE. 

Why You Should Have More Than One Yoni Egg

03 September, 2019

As you study the Yoni Eggs, you’ll note that they all have many similar attributes. All top-quality Yoni Eggs, especially those which are energized with appropriate intent, can help you with your calm, your happiness...

Priestess Graell and the Goddess Temple of Ashland

06 August, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Priestess?
The word “priestess” is packed with powerful visions of antiquity and power, of women dancing around stone circles in Scotland or wearing crowns of bay leaves in Greece...

Color Effects and Meanings of Yoni Egg Crystals

21 July, 2019

Each color has its own unit vibration and characteristic. The “hot” colors like in Red Jasper and Carnelian are energizing and stimulating. On the other hand, white and paler colors like White Jade and Natural Agate tend to be calming...

You and Your Yoni Egg

11 July, 2019

Yoni Eggs aren’t just one journey; they’re countless journeys, and each one is like a vacation, a breath of sweet fresh air, an indulgence, an improvement in your life and your happiness....

How Yoni Egg can Help Bladder Control

13 June, 2019

Those aren’t things you’ll hear very often—people are embarrassed.  But don’t be!  There are a lot of reasons why it happens more to women than men—but there are many ways you and your Yoni Egg can help with it.

How to clean your Yoni Egg

11 June, 2019

It is essential to clean your Yoni or Jade Egg Crystals on a regular bases.
In this article I will give you several ways that you can use to keep your beautiful Egg clean and energized.